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My Motivation For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

As a little girl growing up in Baltimore, Maryland there was nothing I dreamed of more than getting married and having babies one day. Now, as a 26-year-old married woman, I had to learn that having children of my own would not be as simple as I may have once believed. From “the natural way” to tracking ovulation it began to seem as though trying to conceive got pretty close to impossible. Faith was all that I had and it even felt like that was beginning to run thin.

After two and a half years of trying month after month with no luck, I had given up all hope, until one day I was casually browsing online and saw an ad that said: “Buy Womens Supplements for Fertility Online“. Now I’ve always been skeptical as far as taking supplements so I decided to pass on the enticing offer, but I did, however, get an idea. I decided I would not feel complete in my life until I had a child I could call my own. So why not adopt?

My husband and I spent weeks discussing if this was a good idea or not. We wondered if we would be capable of loving the child of someone else just as much as we would love our own. Aside from that, we even wondered if the child would be able to love us as her parents and not just some people who took her in. After weeks of contemplation, we decided that we wanted nothing more than to move forward with the process.

Today we now have a four-month-old baby girl who we could not love and adore any more than we already do. She is everything we could’ve ever dreamed for and we couldn’t be any happier with the choice we made to adopt. Parenting has changed me in so many ways, but mostly it made me aware of the condition of me and my families health. Are we eating healthy? Do we exercise enough? There’s nothing more I care about then being healthy enough to attend my daughter’s graduation or wedding one day. With that being said, there are multiple things I now do to ensure we are getting all the proper nutrients and vitamins that are necessary throughout the day.

Recently we as a household have decided to begin a vegan diet, as well as implement an organic-only formula diet for our infant daughter. Aside from that, we now go on daily walks and take trips to the gym daily. Now don’t get me wrong, every now and again we sneak in our cheat days and have movie days with a good fresh-and-hot delivered pizza alongside an ice-cold soda. However, I can honestly say I feel so much more energized and happy since our journey has begun. It may still all be new to us, but this is a lifestyle that I can be proud to pass down to my daughter to ensure she lives a long and healthy life.